3 Steps That Shouldn't Be Overlooked When Prepping Your Rental Home To Attract New Tenants

21 July 2017
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Part of the job of renting out a home for profit is preparing it to attract new tenants so it doesn't sit too long unoccupied. Here are three steps that you shouldn't overlook when getting your home ready to rent out:

Update the Appliances

While it isn't legally required that you provide appliances to tenants, doing so can help you stand out from the competition and more easily attract reliable renters who don't have a need to purchase large appliances because they don't intend to own a home anytime in the near future. You may even be able to demand a higher rental fee if your home is loaded with all the important appliances such as a washing machine and dryer, a washer, and of course an oven and stove.

But instead of renting your home with appliances out as-is and hoping for the best, take some time to update everything to ensure that it will perform properly for those who will be living in your home. Start by having a service technician inspect and repair each appliance you'll be keeping in the home when it comes time to rent it out.

Even if your appliances seem to be in good working order now, your service technician should be able to catch any small issues that might be present and address them before they become so serious that the need for expensive repairs or replacements develop. If any appliances are missing from your home that you'd like to include with your asking rental price, consider buying them used and having them inspected and repaired along with the other appliances already present in the home.

Tend to the Trees

If any of the trees on your rental home's property are old or diseased, they pose a risk of danger for the family who will be living there as the large branches could break off and hurt someone who might be spending time in the yard at the time. Branches that break off due to damage, disease, or extreme weather conditions could fall on your rental home's roof and cause serious damage before all is said and done. Old and diseased trees also tend to have a negative impact on curb appeal, which can drive potential tenants away before they even set foot inside the home itself.

So, it's important to have an arborist or professional landscaper go to the property and inspect each tree for overall health. They should treat any diseased trees to make them healthy again, and take down any trees that are too old or damaged to thrive any longer. Large tree branches that pose a danger to people and the property should also be removed. You'll be left with an attractive and safe yard that your tenants are sure to appreciate as time goes on.

Invest in Some Fencing

Whether your prospective tenants have children or pets, or they simply like to grow their own food, they'll appreciate the opportunity to enjoy some privacy in the yard and will likely be willing to pay a premium if fencing is in place. Fencing will give renters who are parents peace of mind in knowing that their pets and little ones can play in the yard safely.

Fencing will also allow tenants to tend to their gardens without having to worry about stray animals digging stuff up. You don't have to fence the entire yard to impress tenants – choose a corner or small area near the back door to fence, and you'll save money while providing your renters with plenty of private room to spend time in.

By using the tips and tricks outlined here, you'll be ready to rent your home out to tenants for a premium before you know it.