Self-Service Laundry Equipment Maintenance And Repairs

25 April 2023
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Inspections, basic upkeep steps, and warranty coverage will keep your wash and fold laundry facility's appliances in operable condition. Use the steps below to care for the equipment that you currently own and equipment that you plan on purchasing in the future.

Schedule Inspections And Upkeep

Hiring someone to perform routine inspections and perform basic upkeep will prevent the need to schedule many service appointments that involve troubleshooting equipment and having it repaired.

Routine inspections should become a part of your standard business plan. Inspections should involve assessing drain lines for leaks and examining the inside and outside of each appliance. During the inspection process, basic upkeep steps should be performed. Upkeep essentials include briefly wiping down the interior and exterior of an appliance and cleaning filters.

If the employee you have hired to inspect and clean the equipment takes notice of any issues that may require professional repair, they can be directed to record information about the potential problem that they have discovered. You can review the issues, prior to contacting the company that you have purchased a warranty through.

The inspections and upkeep steps may extend the life of each appliance that you own. The care steps will also ensure that your wash and fold laundry clients are always supplied with appliances that are clean and operable.

Pursue Warranty Coverage

A manufacturer's warranty and an appliance warranty plan are two types of coverage that will protect against manufacturer defects and normal wear and tear. The actual coverage that you will receive with either type of warranty will be dependent upon the issuer's terms of service.

A warranty can be a valuable resource and may prevent costly expenses essential for keeping your equipment up and running. Each time that you purchase new equipment, consider the purchase of a standard manufacturer's warranty. In addition, research appliance warranty plans that are designed to provide extended coverage for commercial laundry equipment.

Compare Rates And Sign Up

Before deciding which type of plan to purchase, compare the rates associated with each plan. A plan may require you to pay a set amount each month. This payment will keep your warranty active.

When signing up for a plan, you will need to furnish the model types and numbers of the equipment that is featured at your self-service laundry facility. The company that you purchase a warranty through will provide you with contact information that you can use if you need to report an issue with any of the equipment that you own.

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