Danger! 3 Home Appliance And Mechanical Problems That Could Be A Disaster Waiting To Happen

12 July 2017
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Mechanical problems in your home could be lurking in the dark, and pose a major hazard to the health and safety of your family. Carbon monoxide, bad water heaters, radon gas and old asbestos materials are just a few of the dangers that could be hidden in the mechanical systems of your home. Appliances also have hazards such as, a washer with lose seals, an oven with no thermostat or dryers that leak exhaust back into your home. Here are some of the home mechanical problems that may be a disaster waiting to happen in your home:

1. Dangers of Appliances with Exhaust Systems That Leak

There are different exhaust systems used to remove gases and vapors from your home. When the exhaust pipe on an appliance has leaks, it causes the gases to be released inside your home. It is important that the installation of any gas appliances have the proper metal ventilation pipes installed. In addition, you want to make sure that the vent pipe for the dryer also is installed correctly and does not leak anywhere in your home.

2. Water Heaters and HVAC Systems That Have Dangerous Problems

There are also problems that can affect water heaters and HVAC systems. Since some of these systems use gas, you will want to be cautious when you detect the smell of gas. Never try to start pilot lights when there is a conspicuous smell of gas. In addition, if there is corrosion or damage to a water heater tank or a boiler for heating's, have the systems checked by a professional. HVAC systems may have another problem caused by condensation; mold may start to grow in ductwork that is improperly insulated.

3. Washing Machines and The Different Hazards When They Need Repairs

Washing machines are another hazard that may cause a disaster. Leaks, shorts and improper installation cause hazards for flooding and electrical shock. It is important the washing machines are installed with the appropriate connections and that they have no leaks. Always inspect for signs of leaks when doing laundry, and if you need to have proper installations, contact an appropriate repair contractor to help you.

Be aware of the hazards of home appliances and mechanical systems, and have repairs done before disaster strikes. Contact an air conditioning repair service, such as Ron Hammes Refrigeration, to help with keeping your home safe from mechanical hazards and the potential disasters that they cause.