Five Things That Often Need To Be Repaired On AC Systems During The Hottest Months Of The Year

11 August 2017
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The heat of the summer months puts a lot of pressure on a home's air conditioning system. Unfortunately, this can lead to system malfunctions and repair needs. 

If you're aware of what some common repair needs are on AC systems, you can better troubleshoot your system when things go wrong. During the summertime, you may want to be aware of the fact that the following are five things that often need to be repaired on AC systems during the hottest months of the year:

Condensate lines that need to be cleaned out

Condensate lines can easily become clogged when your system is working overtime during the hot summer months. Unfortunately, a clogged condensate line will cause water backup that could lead to water damage in addition to a malfunctioning system. 

Having your air conditioner inspected regularly can help you to stay on top of any buildup in your condensate lines. It's best to have your lines cleaned out before your unit becomes completely clogged and stops functioning properly. 

Leaks in the refrigerant line that need to be sealed up

Over time, the refrigerant lines of an AC system can become worn out and eventually develop leaks. The refrigerant is, of course, a highly important component in an AC system, and your system won't function effectively if refrigerant levels become low. 

If a leak develops in your refrigerant lines, you need to have it sealed up to restore your system's efficiency and effectiveness. 

Replacement of the fan blade

The fan blade has to work extra hard on your AC unit during the hottest periods the year. A malfunctioning fan blade is likely to make some unusual ticking or buzzing noise while the unit's operating if it needs to be replaced.

Replacement of the blower motor

Like a fan blade malfunction, a blower motor malfunction is generally indicated by a ticking or buzzing noise. Blower motors work extra hard when the temperature is especially hot outside.

In some cases, blower motor malfunctions may be easily repaired by simply tightening a screw or applying some lubrication. However, sometimes complete replacement may be necessary. 

Replacement of the unit's fan belt

A fan belt that's worn is typically an easy fix. The belt simply needs to be replaced, and this is generally a fairly low-cost part. 

However, you can prevent belt malfunctions by simply maintaining your unit properly. If your unit is poorly maintained, greater stress will be placed on your fan belt when your unit is operating and your belt will wear out faster. 

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