The First 4 Things To Check If Your Washer Will Not Start

8 May 2019
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If you just put clothes in your washer, and your washer will not turn on, don't panic. Try one of the ideas below to get your washing machine working again.

#1. Check the Power

First, check the power. Check and see if the washing machine is plugged in, and that the cord hasn't wiggled out of the socket. Next, go to where the electrical panel is, and make sure that the circuit for the washing room has not been set off. If the circuit has been tripped, fix the circuit and try your washing machine. If that doesn't fix the issue, the next thing you need to do is take a multimeter and check to make sure the voltage is coming through the outlet. If there is no voltage in the outlet, call an electrician to change the outlet.

#2. Check the Motor

Next, the motor on your washing machine may have overheated. Have you run multiple loads without a break? If you have been running your washing machine for hours on end, give your washing machine a break. Your washing machine may just need some time to cool off before you use it again. It's not a big deal if your washing machine's motor overheats once, but if it keeps happening, you need to have a technician inspect your motor.

#3. Check the Lid

If your washing machine is still not working, it is time to check the lid. There is a little piece of plastic on your washing machine that is activated when you shut the lid. If this little piece of plastic gets damaged, and it is not activated when you shut the lid to your washing machine, then your washing machine will not know the lid is shut and will not start working.

#4. Check the Knob for the Timer

Finally, you need to check the timer controller. Make sure that the knob is lined up with the right information on the main panel. Sometimes, if your washing machine will not start, it is because the dial is not lined up correctly. Fix the timer knob, and try again to see if the issue is resolved.

If your washing machine will not work, try the simple solutions above. These simple solutions should allow you to get your washing machine working again, and if they don't, then it is time to call in professionals, like those at A OK Appliance Service, for assistance. If your washing machine is not working anymore, you need to head to the appliance store and get a new one.