Dryer Not Tumbling Your Clothing? How To Repair This Issue

6 April 2020
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If your clothing is coming out of your dryer and it's still wet or partially wet, it can be a pain. Resetting the dryer over and over in an attempt to dry your clothing can be a waste of time and waste of energy. Eventually, this will show up on your energy bills each month. This extra cost and the extra time you're spending doing your laundry is going to wear on you. You need to make a repair to your dryer to get it working again properly. Read on for helpful tips to repair your dryer.

1. Lighten The Load

If your dryer is not tumbling your clothing, it could be because the load is too heavy to allow the clothing to tumble properly. Try to lighten the load you are trying to dry and put less clothing in your dryer. Add your load to the dryer and then attempt to dry it at the normal setting you would use. If your clothing isn't tumbling or you don't see the dryer spinning at all, it could be something else. If the load size was the problem, make sure you are keeping your load size small each time. Read the manufacturer's instructions on load size if you aren't sure how much to dry in your dryer.

2. Check The Drum

If the dryer isn't spinning at all, the drum may be to blame. The drum is responsible for tumbling your clothing; as it spins, it causes your clothing to then tumble. If it isn't spinning, it will only dry the clothing on the outside of the pile. Open the back of the dryer after you turn off the power/unplug it and turn off the gas. Then inspect the drum. You're looking to see if anything appears broken or if you have any missing screws that hold the drum in place. If anything is broken, make the necessary repairs. If you don't think you can repair the drum yourself, hire an appliance repair company to make the repair for you.

If your dryer isn't running properly, your clothing will not get dry. This will leave you attempting to either hang your clothing outside or all over your home in an attempt to get your clothing dry. Skip all of this and hire an appliance repair contractor to help you get your dryer working as it should again.

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