Your Food Safety Depends On Your Refrigerator: How To Tell Your Refrigerator Is About To Fail

11 June 2021
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If you run a perishable food business, one thing you cannot afford is a complete breakdown of the refrigerator. For example, if you have a restaurant or grocery, and your food preservation system fails you, you will lose money and customers to competitors. At the same time, you could also end up with liabilities when your products lead to food poisoning. 

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure you watch out for the common indicators that your refrigerator is developing problems that might lead to failure. Here are three simple ways to spot and fix such issues. 

When Ice Builds Up in the Refrigerator

One of the first ways to tell when your refrigerator has issues that need immediate attention is when excessive ice starts building up inside. When this happens, you might request one of the employees to scrape it off the surfaces or remove it from the food. However, this is bound to be a tedious and time-consuming process, and the problem might keep getting worse.

It is advisable to call in a professional to help determine the real reason behind ice building up inside your refrigerator. They will locate the source of the leakage and fix it so you have a more efficient and reliable refrigerator.

When the Food Starts Getting Spoiled

The other indication that you need to have the refrigerator checked is when the food starts going bad faster than it should. The low temperatures inside the refrigerator are supposed to ensure your food stays so cold that bacteria and other pathogens cannot stay active to initiate the food decay process. 

If the food is getting spoiled, the temperatures are probably rising to a level that can support the bacteria. A faulty condenser or compressor can cause the failure of the temperature control system. In this case, your fridge will need repairs.

When the Electric Bill Goes Up

The other way to tell that your refrigerator is failing and needs repairs is when your electricity bill goes up. An increased bill indicates that your system has lost efficiency and runs harder than it should for it to maintain the desired temperature. When the malfunctioning parts are repaired, your utility bills will get back to normal range.

These are the most obvious signs that your refrigerator has significant problems. Remember to engage an expert to inspect and repair your refrigerator for the best results. You should not attempt to fix the problem because you might cause more problems or damage crucial components of the refrigerator. Contact a refrigerator repair service for more information.